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On an extra day

on February 29, 2016

So what do you call today?


Besides 29 February 2016.


This year is a Leap Year but is today a Leap Day? I don’t know. I just know that there are 365 days in a year except in a Leap Year when there are 366.


You know, standard textbook trivia that you practiced hard remembering when you were like five. Not like now. When you can just Google it. Though you really shouldn’t have to Google this stuff.


But do you know why there’s an extra day every four years? That you may have to Google.


Anyways, I found I had an extra day to my weekend today. Ah, the luxury of the long weekend. Especially since returning to Gainful Employment are days of Annual Leave allowance precious. Not to be squandered as you please but to be saved and hoarded until most needed during the school holidays.



Whilst that is important, it’s also important to give yourself a break. I’ve just finished an event last Friday. I forgot how exhausting and stressful these things can be. The event had been at the back of my mind for at least six months and snowballed into late nights at work and so many To Do Lists that needed ticking off. The pressure of it being a success in so far as people turning up and for there to be no massive hiccups. Yes, the pressure was huge. Coupled with the fact that the late nights take you away from bedtime stories, dinner with Husband and give you a pre-occupied mind even when you are together.


So today was a much needed break. An extra day of dedicated ME TIME! Yay! You start thinking about what you can do. All the possibilities of a free day.




  • Coffee/lunch with that person you haven’t seen for some time.
  • A massage to undo all that tension in between your shoulders.
  • Baking an abundance of snacks for school packed lunches.
  • Go for a run. Get some new running shoes.
  • Sorting out the mess in your home you haven’t tended to for the past few weeks.
  • Buying some new shoes to replace the ones that make your feet smell at work.
  • A swim and lounge by the pool.


So many choices to fill just one day. Which isn’t really one day at all when you take out the time for tending to the needs of #1, 2 and 3. Equally lost was time spent hungover. Yep. Totally. In fact I’ve spent Saturday, Sunday and today hungover. Quite possibly tomorrow too. But you know, it’s good to do once in a while. Because I’m not going to be repeating the pain for at least a month or so. There’s just nothing I can do about the 48 hour hangovers these days. I’ve realised that Day 2 hangover feels like the equivalent of a Day 1 hangover from my youth.


So once the fog cleared from my brain this morning, I realised there were some Must Dos. I mean clearing out the junk and tidying up is an endless task so that can wait another day but there’s also other admin stuff that needs doing like checking all vaccinations are up to day and having to spend your day off taking #3 to be jabbed in the thigh is not as much fun as heading to the zoo. It wasn’t that traumatic for her actually, she was very brave. We went for lunch that we haven’t been to for a very long time. We used to go there quite often with Brilliant New Adventure, so I sent her a photo of #3 watching the soba noodle man do his soba noodle making.


That’s one thing I miss you know, since heading back to Gainful Employment full time. It’s that time you get unrushed to have lunch with #1, 2 and 3. I really must make more time at the weekends to go out with just one of the three or even two of the three or even all three really.


After lunch we went shoe shopping to replace the shoes that make my feet smell at work. Then it was to school to pick up #1 and 2 and talk about school stuff with #1’s Teacher. When I do get to pick them up, they’re usually waiting at the School Pick Up point but today we had the time to wander around the play area where #1 pointed out the spot that he used to go to dig for worms and to show me the tadpoles in the School zen garden. All these things I didn’t know about their daily lives.


It felt so unrushed today. Quite possibly due to my Day 3 hangover. Or perhaps it’s been because these past few weeks have been so busy that a regular day feels slowed down. Perhaps tomorrow when I’m back in the office, everything will continue at the same hi-speed because there is always going to be another big project coming up.


Today though, on this one extra day, I appreciated the opportunity to spend it with #1,2 and 3. To just be with them and thank them for understanding that last week is not going to be the normal week. Also to set a precedence that we are allowed a break and today whilst I’ve had messages relating to work, it’s ok for me not to respond to them because it really can wait until tomorrow.


And today being a Leap Day,  of course I proposed! And Husband accepted.





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