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There’s something about IKEA

on July 7, 2015

As soon as it became apparent that we needed to go to IKEA on a Sunday, we were already doomed.

And having #1, 2 and 3 in tow as well.



It’s not that I don’t like IKEA. I do. I like looking at all the gadgets that I don’t need. 

And then buying many of those gadgets I don’t need. 
And then going back to buy generic looking storage for all the items I bought that I don’t need. 

And judging by the number of people who frequent IKEA day and night, Monday to Sunday, it seems I’m not the only one. 

Only Husband is immune to the charms of IKEA. He doesn’t like IKEA. But understands that on occasion we NEED IKEA.

Every time we move home, we need to make at least one trip to IKEA. I don’t understand why this is so when we move from one place to another with exactly the same stuff. Yet move to another apartment and suddenly there’s an urgent need to go to IKEA. 
It seems a trip to IKEA is the new housewarming party. 

But surely all these people who frequent IKEA day and night, Monday to Sunday, can’t all be moving home?
I mean there are those who have clearly just landed in Singapore and realised they have packed all the wrong stuff in the air freight and find themselves without the basic essentials like an ironing board, tableware, pans, cutlery and towels. I once made this rookie error.

This is probably the reason why IKEA was invented. Along with the $2 shop. 
Then there are the bulk of people who hang out in IKEA for what appears to be, JUST FOR FUN! *

And for chicken wings. 

And hot dogs.

And ice cream cones. 

I wonder how many chicken wings, hotdogs and ice cream cones are shifted each day? 

But whilst I say this, IKEA diligently sources sustainable salmon in it’s stores. Considering IKEA is as famous for its salmon and meatballs as it is for useful gadgets we never knew we needed, this is quite a remarkable and responsible achievement.

But it still doesn’t make up for the fact that IKEA on a Sunday at 11.30am with #1, 2 and 3 in tow is as far away from my ideal Sunday morning as you can get. It practically has ruined IKEA for me. Not being able to browse at leisure the many useful gadgets I need and many useful gadgets I already have that now come in a new hue of bright plastic that I simply must have.

When Husband is in attendance there is no following the arrows the long way round. For once I don’t mind as I want this trip to be functional and out as soon as we can. There has only been one time in my whole life when we went to IKEA and came out with only the items on the preordained shopping list. Guess who was in charge that day? 

Except #1, 2 and 3 have discovered the ‘playground’ in the Children’s Furnishings section. Along with every other family in IKEA. It’s sort of treated like a free indoor playground.

As my will to live slowly seeps away into the surrounding plastic storage boxes, we finally manage to coax #1, 2 and 3 away before having to navigate the obstacles of the Marketplace downstairs. I don’t even want to stop and browse when I clock all the opportunities for ‘once broken considered sold’ mishaps. I urgently try and guide #1, 2 and 3 away from all the precariously stacked glassware whilst pinning the windmilling arms of #2 firmly to her sides. 

I persuade #1 he doesn’t need a cutlery drainer to use as a fishing utensil. What a reversal of roles! And I do like how #1 can readily see the usefulness of IKEA gadgets. 

But we retreat with all the things we came for. Plus a few more useful gadgets.

And hotdogs. 

And for once I’m so glad to see the EXIT sign. 

But I know I’ll be back. Like we always are after every move. 

* ( I say this as I recall a time when Elbear, Mr G and I would go to the 24 hour Asda JUST FOR FUN at 11pm, it had loads of interesting things to look at!)



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