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Happy Father’s Day (Belated I know)

on June 28, 2015

I know Father’s Day was a week ago. But it’s been a hectic week shall we say. 

I didn’t have time to say much about the occasion last Sunday. The reason why is a thought for another time. 

Father’s Day follows closely after Husband’s Birthday. He gets to have two days in one month of breakfast in bed. 

But then nothing for the rest of the year. Maybes this could very well change once #1, 2 and 3 are more adept in the kitchen. Until then, when it’s mostly all my work that #1, 2 and 3 pass off as theirs then it’s not going to be a frequent occasion. In saying that, a bowl of cereal, milk and spoon in bed is still breakfast in bed right? Sometimes it’s not the fact it’s a full cooked breakfast that matters, it’s the fact you’re not up sorting out everyone else’s for them. 

What I do love about school is that they take care of the handmade Father’s Day card. Husband doesn’t know it but I have a Father’s Day card dating four years back that I keep meaning to give him but then forget about as the school has prepared one from earlier that is so much better.

This year with #3 throwing into the mix her handmade contribution, my work for Husband’s special Parent Day is done.

And as is tradition, it’s always up to #1, 2 and 3 to decide what we get to do on our special days. So on Father’s Day it was bowling. 


Have you ever played bowling with small people? It’s value for money on a cost to time-spent-bowling-just-one-game ratio. 

So that’s what we did for Father’s Day with #1, 2 and 3 to make Husband’s day special (if you take out the usual random outbursts of small people rage they like to display at their leisure). 

Every day is Father’s Day and every day is Mother’s Day of course. It shouldn’t be left to one day a year to show your appreciation. I imagine for #1, 2 and 3 true appreciation will come some years later. When as Grown Ups you realise just how much parents take care of things, the financial burden and the difficulty of whether you’re doing ok as a parent. 

I think of this a lot and the sacrifices and hard choices my Dad, Mr Li had to make and how he does worry whether he did ok. You did. More than ok. 

But for me, I would like to say that Husband is doing a great job. I rarely say it out loud because it’s what we’re expected to do isn’t it? As parents of small people. 

But it is good to feel truly appreciated.
So, Happy Father’s Day Husband. A bit belated I know. 

And most importantly Thank You. It’s been a busy week I know and you did great. 

Bowl of cereal, milk and spoon in bed next weekend for Husband it is then. 
With a cuppa tea thrown in for good measure too. Just so you feel really spoilt.


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