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The new Sporting Sunday

on May 18, 2015

Sundays are meant to be a day of rest. 

Or if not a day of rest, Sundays are meant to be a day of doing something constructive because you wasted Saturday in a state of Hangover Hell. 

There was a time Sporting Sunday meant watching the football in your local pub with a couple of pints of beer. Or sat in Highgate Woods watching the local cricket teams play in the distance with a couple of cans of beer. Sometimes it could be a long leisurely run followed by a light afternoon of rewarding beer.  

Sundays are no longer a day of rest since the arrival of #1, 2 and 3. You will already know this if you are the parents of small people. You will already know this if you know anyone who are the parents of small people and they have stayed with you/you have stayed with them. 

So it appears we are so used to Sundays no longer being a day of rest that we are actively seeking out activites to ensure no long leisurely lie ins even if they were available. I know! What exactly are we thinking?

Since January 2014, #1 has been ‘playing rugby’ every Sunday morning with his team the Titans. 

I say he’s been ‘playing rugby’ in loose terms because he’s still getting to grips with it all. It took some time for him to get into it and enjoy heading off on a Sunday morning for an hour and a half of training. He’s now so into it that it’s the only morning he doesn’t drag his heels in getting out of the door. If we don’t tell him in advance that he’s not going to rugby training, it really ruins his day. Like the mornings (though rare) when Husband is too hungover to face directing a bunch of 5/6 year olds to run with the ball in the right direction.  

I’ve only been to watch #1’s team play rugby on a handful of occasions but my favourite part by far is watching a really keen small person having grabbed hold of the ball and running full pelt with it in any direction they choose. With complete disregard to their Coach shouting at them ‘You’re going the wrong way, you’re going the wrong way!’ This never fails to crack me up. There is nothing that a small person enjoys doing more than eating ice cream than just running in open space. A small person running in full flight is a joy to behold. Except when they’re doing it around the living room. 

For the last two days, Husband and #1 have been up and out of the house by 7.15am for a rugby tournament. At this stage, I think it’s still more about the taking part and joining in rather than the intent of competing. Though I can see a competitive streak beginning to take hold in #1 as he gets older. There was a time during training where they would play a knock out game and #1 and his best mate Master Cake Pops would be first or second out. This never bothered them because the sooner they were out, the earlier they could get themselves an ice pop from the cool box. Priorities.    

Usually on a Sunday whilst Husband and #1 are out at rugby, it is Boiled Egg Sunday with #2 and 3. I know! We know how to rock a Sunday. This is because the smell of boiled eggs makes #1 vomit in his mouth. 

But this morning, #2 and 3 were taking part in their own debut sporting event – The Cold Storage Kids Run 2015! An 800m route around Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. They have been so excited all week about taking part in this event. Mostly enamoured with the idea of getting a medal and quite rightly so. I always need to know if there’s a medal involved when partaking in an event. I’m not so bothered about the t shirt as they are usually rubbish and totally oversized. Though not so much in Singapore where you actually get a proper sporting top.  

They’ve all heard me say that I’m just off on a run and they’ve seen me come back all hot, sweaty and smelly. They’ve seen my medals from recent running events and they like to pretend they’re running too with a lap around the coffee table. But I seriously think today’s run really made them wonder what all the fuss was about! A known fact some of you are strongly familiar with.  

It was very unclear to #2 that the run had started and very unclear that the run had finished. #3 made a rookie error and started off too strong and hit the wall 50 meters in and demanded to be carried. Then she’d recover and optimistically take off at speed, only to hit the wall again. This was more or less her running style for the whole 800m. #2 took a slow and steady approach with sweat dripping off her profusely about 100m in that didn’t stop for a good couple of hours. 800m may not seem any distance but to small people it is a very long distance and it is even longer if you have to carry one of them for half that way.  

I could see the look on #2’s face after we crossed the Finish Line that she had no idea what had just gone on. There was no fanfare or flag waving, just me saying how great they had done. I’m not sure she’s going to be so enthusiastic for the next run that comes along! But the sense of pride for them and for me, when presented with their Finishers Medal was a very proud moment.  

Today has been a real Sporting Sunday for #1, 2 and 3. It was quite a haul of medals for their (and ours) hard work in the sun, giving up the potential of long leisurely lie in and seeing as it is Sporting Sunday, Husband and I are now rewarding ourselves with Sporting Sunday beer. Even though for the most part, Husband and I haven’t been doing most of the sporting activity, it is exhausting!  

Sunday is definitely no longer a day of rest but looking at the way #1, 2 and 3 are cherishing their hard earned medals (half earned for #3), I’m ok with that. 

Well done #1, 2 and 3!



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