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I relived my journey to 40 and found there's so much more to say

It’s a Very Special Day!

on May 8, 2015

I know it sounds like I’m overexcited because today is General Election Day. That in itself is very exciting. If you are in the UK, please go and exercise your right to vote. Even if you think what’s the point when all Politicians are a dishonest, hypocritical and useless bunch of crooks who couldn’t run the country better than you could yourself. At least put in your vote for who you think could do a second best job other than yourself. And only after you have voted are you able to join in giving said democratically voted in Party a hard time for the next five years.

But today isn’t about General Election Day. Tomorrow will be. For today is all about getting you to vote and tomorrow will be all about The People of the UK Have Spoken. Tomorrow will be a day of nerves and exhilaration as the votes are counted and announced. This is one of the few postives of having a seven hour time difference between Singapore and the UK. I get to sleep and then spend the whole day talking to myself about which Constituency has fallen where and which friends to keep or not.

Today is all about Our Jenn and the fact that her Big Birthday will not be hijacked by General Election Day.

Last year I wrote a post about Me and Our Jenn and I was so sure that I would be back in the UK to celebrate it with her too. Disappointingly I’m not. But if celebrating your next Big Birthday is anything like how I celebrated Embracing 40 then there’s always time to party when I’m next back in the UK.

However, I’m not sure just how long the party will last for. I like how having a drink with Our Jenn is a Malibu and coke please. That a couple of them will probably have her dancing on the tables to Duran Duran and then one more will send her off to sleep in a heap in the corner before it’s even 9pm. Yet on a regular day, you’ll find her still up at two or three in the morning and often I see her post something on Facebook and I’m telling her from halfway around the world to go to bed. I thought I only had to do that with #1, 2 and 3!

But it’s good to be able to have those mini conversations in the window of time after you’ve just woken up and they’re about to go to bed. Somehow it makes the hours and distance between us seem less. But also harder too when you think about if you were in the same time zone at least how much more often you’d be able to have these conversations. And how it makes you think you really must make more effort to have more of them.

For some Life Begins at Forty. For others Life is Much Better at Fifty. Will she mind that I’ve mentioned she’s Fifty? No, she won’t mind but I know who will! When I was back in the UK last year, we had this discussion with another family member who will not be identified, who has her own Big Massive Birthday this year. She doesn’t want people to know the number involved and so as a result, the rest of us have to keep quiet about our own age so no one can vaguely guess how old she is. I don’t know how she thinks this is going to work unless she would rather people thought she had her own kids at a very, very young age. But if she wants me to tell you all that my Embracing 40 was all just a hoax and really I merely doffed my cap to 30 then I can do that.

This has reminded me of a Newcastle to London train journey some years ago, I wish I could tell you all about it but as I was sworn to secrecy, I only told Our Jenn. Who will know all about which story as I bring it up whenever I am back in Newcastle and it still cracks me up some ten years later. If laughter really does keep you young then spend some time with Our Jenn. I still haven’t met anyone who laughs as much as she does. I am very funny of course but it’s about laughing together.

As I sit and ponder Embracing 40 and how I imagined 40 to feel and as I look around me at all those who have joined me here, 40 doesn’t seem to be that huge life changing, lost is our youth cut off point that we’re often led to believe. So if 40 isn’t it, then is 50 it?

If I ever began to think that 50 is the number to fear then I just need to look at Our Jenn. There is no better example of how looking outwards rather than inwards is the best way to be. That we are all strong, capable people who can carve our own pathways. Not just once or twice but more if need be.

I hope this next decade brings Our Jenn even more happiness, love and contentment with people who really make her laugh and value her the way she ought to be valued.

I hope I get to spend more of it with her than I have done this past decade.

And I definitely will be having a belated Birthday Celebration with just us two so I can tell her again that story about the Newcastle to London train journey that I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone about.

Happy Birthday Jenn! I already know it’s started off a good one.

With much love now and always, if you didn’t know that already. xx

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