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The world according to #3 – Do you need help?

on April 18, 2015

Quite often #1, 2 and 3 will say something that really cracks me up.

Sometimes it can be something taken literally, or something they’ve misheard, or just how their logic works. 

I keep meaning to make a note of these moments. Like when you promise yourself to write a journal of each child’s key moments. I know some people who are very good and diligently do so. 

I wish I had as time passes so quickly and the rate at which children grow and develop is at an alarming rate. You remember for that moment the funny thing they did or said, the achievement they made that day that seemed so huge but a week later is mastered with effortless ease.

The innocent way small children talk as they get used to a growing vocabulary and the confusing way the English language works with several different words meaning the same thing and two words sounding the same with completely unrelated definitions. 

That’s without taking into account past, present and future tense and who can tell me what a past participle is? 

At the age of two and a half, #3 is well able to communicate her wants, demands and needs with a mish mash of words she’s picking up every day. Favourite phrases include ‘I’m in charge’, ‘I’m songing’, ‘Let me do it’ and ‘Noooo, it’s not fair’, accompanied with a folding of the arms and turning her back to you.

Today’s contribution from the world according to #3 came about when I tried to gain a little privacy in the bathroom. There is no such thing as a locked door for small children. If it’s closed they just barge right in and if it’s locked there’s just heart rendering banging and wailing until it’s unlocked. 

Hardly surprising really when their every toilet movement is declared for all and sundry to hear. Quite funny really when as Grown Ups you may occasionally need to pee but never need to poo. Grandmas in particular never poo. Unless they’re caught out when small children walk in on the aftermath and demand a public outing of the perpetrator.

And how is it that Grown Ups must close the door when small children are told not to lock themselves in incase they get stuck in there forever. And if Grown Ups are forever having to help small people after a toilet movement (I’m finished….somebody come and wipe my buuuum please) then surely it’s polite to return the favour?

Me: Mummy’s just going to the bathroom.

#3: Ok, do you need help?

Erm, no thank you, not today but maybes in another 40 years time I will. 

Oh and Happy 42nd Birthday Uncle Monkey. This post is dedicated to you.



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