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Chocolate eggs and beer gardens

on April 6, 2015

I remember when the Easter long weekend was one spent lazing around doing not much else than hoping for sunshine and a beer garden. 

There would be an Easter egg from Husband and one from Nana Moon. Just the right amount of chocolate to last me the weekend as a hangover pick me up.

I had not realised that the Easter weekend social calendar could almost be as busy as Christmas when you are responsible parents of small children.

I am not one familiar with the hunting of Easter Eggs growing up. Neither was I presented with my Easter egg from relatives on the correct day but the fact they tried and got me some chocolate eggs was quite something. 

So I have to admit it’s really only since #1, 2 and 3 have arrived that I’ve had a better education in some of the fun traditions that come with Easter. Not to mention the fridge full of chocolate that they have acquired from the four Easter Egg hunts they’ve been on these past few days.

Though tropical weather is not conducive for the traditional Easter Egg Hunt for several reasons. 

  • Your Easter Egg Hunt cannot be a long leisurely affair, hence no joyful trail of clues to ponder over.
  • Your chocolate goodies must be hidden mere seconds before the Easter Egg Hunt is to begin.
  • If your Easter Egg Hunt is not over within three minutes then it is probably best to draw a line under it and leave your melting chocolatey treats for the enjoyment of the army of ants who have already hunted down the source of sugar before your children have.  
  • The said chocolates we have in the fridge are no longer egg or rabbit shaped. But it’s chocolate all the same.

As children get older, the Easter Egg Hunt becomes more and more like a battle of the strongest. #2 and 3 didn’t get a look in during one Egg Hunt as all the eggs were swooped up before they had even set foot into the arena. So it was just as well they had four attempts at it. 

And #3, in her second year of active participation is all about the chocolate. Whilst the older kids are marvelling over what they’ve added to their hoard, she is quietly tucking into them.  She’s got the right idea.

And so, as you know, this weekend is not all about sunshine and beer gardens. Chocolate and Easter Egg Hunts. Tea parties and barbecues.

Once again, as part of my parenting repertoire, I attempted to explain there is more to Easter than just collecting chocolate eggs. I should have given this more forethought or referred back to Husband with it being more his area of knowledge. But it just sort of popped into conversation on our drive to school. Good job really as at least there was going to be an end to the conversation when we arrived at school. 

So we started talking about Christmas being the celebration of the birth of Jesus which they still remember and there’s a warm glow around us talking about that. Quickly extinguished by the follow up that Easter celebrates the death of Jesus. 

#2: You mean Jesus dies when he’s a baby.

Me: No, no, he’s a grown up.

#1: Like a really old man.

Me: Not an old man. But very much a grown up.

#1 and 2 do not like talking about dying at all. Only allowed if you are older than 100. Just as well as how could I have possibly explained the dying on a cross part. That would appear very cruel in all senses.

#2: But why does he die?

Me: Well you know about God? God sent Jesus to Earth to look after the people a long, long time ago. 

#1: How did God make the earth? What did he use?

At this point, I can feel my explanations beginning to unravel. I see the turning for school. I stall a lot in my answers. Then we quickly finish happy with Jesus coming back alive on Easter Sunday but only because He is special does he come back before they think everyone else can. 

Thankfully school has already explained all about the Easter Bunny. Maybe next year, someone can give me a bit of help with explaining everything else. 

Hang on, what are the Godparents doing? 

They say never discuss religion and politics. Quite so.

Happy Easter!



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