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Love is……..21.1km and more

on February 14, 2015

I asked Husband this morning what grand romantic gesture did he have planned for me today. It being St Valentine’s Day and all. He said, ‘I’m taking you down to your race later.’

Today is Race Day!

I’m doing the Brooks Marina Half Marathon. Tonight actually.

I’ve never ran in a night race before. Generally in the UK, races start about 9am. Here in Singapore it’s usually 7am. Though there seems to be no set rule. The Sundown Marathon starts even later than the one I’m doing tonight and the Standard Charter Marathon starts at 4am. Why would you even want to do that?

So when I signed up for this race and it being on St Valentine’s Day and all, there was a special ‘Couples’ promotion. I had not given this aspect much thought until right now. If there are such couples running and holding hands or smooching tonight, I’m not sure I know what I will do in response nor should I be held responsible for my actions. At least we will all be wearing matching running tops so I will forgive them that.

As I received Good Luck messages throughout yesterday and this morning, I could feel the excitement and nerves building up. That fluttering in the pit of your stomach that makes you involuntarily break out into a big smile and want to do a little jig. No?

It has been eight years since I took part in an organised race. Unlike for a full marathon, I know I’m not going to be stretching my reserves so far forward that you start wilting with nine miles left to go. I’ve done that before, it wasn’t pleasant. So I more or less know how it’s going to go based on my training so far. But equally who knows what can happen on the day.

I’ve got my racing gear ready and my trainers have been diligently worn in. The timing chip is securely fastened and my water bottles are all ready to go.

I did a quick calculation last night and since the beginning of December when I started running regularly again, I’ve covered 355km (221 miles) in preparation for a 21.1km race.

This brings me back to my thoughts on any long distance event. When people say ‘I could never run x miles.’ You could. But it’s not so much the distance of the event on the day, it’s the distance and effort that goes in before the event.

Imagine how many miles those who are currently training for the London Marathon will be putting in. If you know someone running any sponsored event, please support their efforts, it will be much appreciated and keep up their spirits when the training gets tough.

I’m hoping for a good run and an enjoyable return to semi long distance running. There’s a few twinges in the knees going on but hopefully they can be held back for tonight.

However, I have discovered it’s the minor mishaps that can really throw your pace off kilter.

1. A bug flying into your mouth and hitting the back of your throat causing temporary choking and no amount of water makes you feel like it’s gone.

2. A bug flying up your nose. Painful, uncomfortable and disgusting to get rid of.

3. A bug flying into your eye. This may cause temporary stoppage time and impair vision for the rest of the run.

4. Taking on water whilst running and choking on it spraying it all around you and over those within a one metre radius.

5. Indecision over whether you need a toilet stop or if you can make it to the end. Chance it at your peril.

I love running. And as you all know the endorphins you get from exercise is like being in love itself. Quite apt that I’m doing this race on St Valentine’s Day.

As for the romance?

Well, if at the end of the race when I’m dripping in sweat, starting to smell and have salt crystals forming on me and Husband does not shy away from a big welcome to the finish embrace then that is more than enough for me.

And a romantic pint of beer won’t go amiss either.

In a heart shaped glass.

With a heart shaped balloon tied to it.

So here I go……..



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