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Christmas School Holidays 2014 all done

on January 6, 2015

#1 and 2 went back to school today! Yay! #3 was a bit confused to be left on her own again most of the day but I’m looking forward to spending time with her before she too gets bundled off to school. Yay!

So we’ve just had two weeks of school holidays. Half of that was taken up by the excitement and preparations for Christmas and New Year. The remaining days were filled with doing stuff with #1, 2 and 3.

Hard to believe we also reside in the northern hemisphere with temperatures never dropping below 25 degrees and a ‘winter’ characterised by heavy rainstorms and the pool is rather chilly for a dip today.

I know I often overlook all that is great about living in Singapore, it can feel like an extended holiday that has been taken for granted. I’ve just read an article in the Guardian written by a Melbourne based journalist slagging off Singapore being materialistic and a city state governed by stifling rules stunting a true democracy and creativity of the home crowd which was really more trash worthy of the Daily Mail Online.


Singapore is a great place for entertaining young children. We are never more than half an hour’s drive away from most places the kids really enjoy going to. We can be off to the Singapore Zoo or River Safari at a moment’s notice. It has cost us S$300 (approximately £150) to renew our annual membership that gives us access to both attractions and we’ve worked out that we just need to go four times in order for it to be cost beneficial.


Last week we went to Gardens by the Bay to while away a couple hours. The Gardens are free to roam around in and #1 made a request to go up the Skytree Walkway that cost us S$11 (approximately £5.50) for myself and #1 and 2. Then afterwards we picked up Husband from work and headed off for our annual jaunt to the Tanglin Mall ‘Christmas Avalanche and Snow Show’.


When you look at photos of the ‘snow show’ it does look like it’s blowing a blizzard. You can almost kid yourself that this is winter. Except everyone’s still in their shorts and flip flops. What it more closely brings to mind are the foam parties of yesteryear at Uni and finding one of your friends lost under the suds snogging some bloke.


The beaches around Singapore may not be all natural fine sand and clear views out to sea, but we’re only 15 minutes drive from several beach options and all #1, 2 and 3 are concerned with is being able to dig a hole and fling wet sand at each other. A child’s capacity to dig in the sand never ceases to amaze me. Especially #3 who hasn’t quite got the concept and is forever flinging sand in her own face and then crying ‘my eyes, my eyes!’.


I know #1, 2 and 3 won’t know just how lucky they are to have all this right in front of them. One friend told me that the places we go to with our children and the accessibility of the places we can get to in Singapore is what most families in other countries plan to do over the duration of the long summer holidays.

We are very fortunate indeed. Especially me when I consider just how easy it can be to fill the days of #1, 2 and 3 without their cries of being bored or something is boring.

So, whilst it may be zero degrees in many northern hemisphere locations, I’m not trying to rub it in by talking about what we’ve been doing lately in the Great Tropical Outdoors, but I am reminding myself just how much we can do and ought to do when living somewhere like Singapore.


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