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The Elves are back in town! But not in this home.

on December 1, 2014

It’s the first of December today. Really it is. How the f did that happen all of a sudden?

I know some of you have your Christmas trees and decorations up. Some of you have your Christmas cards written, sealed and ready to be sent out. And some of you even have all your Christmas shopping done.



What is the point of Christmas if there is no last minute Christmas panic and subsequent Christmas guilt with a promise that next year, you will be different and more organised. If I even manage to send Christmas cards this year, it will be a Christmas miracle if they arrive before Christmas Day. I always forget it takes at least a week normally, let alone an extra week on top of that for Christmas post.

One year, Mrs Cor Blimey put her Christmas card to one side thinking it must be her Birthday card it arrived so far beyond Christmas.

So why do I feel that Christmas suddenly has crept up upon us when the shops started selling mince pies back in September, jostling for shelf space with all the Halloween treats and the London Christmas lights were switched on before I had even left the UK in mid November?

It’s precisely for the reason that Christmas preparation starts earlier and earlier each year that makes me want to ignore it. How many mince pies do you need to eat? As I’m sat here with Christmas Twiglets and pistachio nuts to the side of me which Husband has caned half of each already.

If our Christmas tree is up before December, it probably would lose all it’s needles by mid December in this heat. Though today was cooler at 29 degrees max and by the time I went for a run in the early evening, it was a pleasant 27 degrees. So for the first time in my six and a bit years in Singapore I managed to run beyond 10km. I’m quite pleased with that even if it took me just over an hour.

So, what else happens today? Ah, yes. The return of those Elves. You know the ones I mean.

The Elves on the Shelves.

As I mentioned last year, a good concept in principle but I am not prepared to live with the idea of some inanimate object pretending to be animate for the next 25 days. I’m just too scared of those eyes following me around. And again I refer to Our Jenn scaring the shit out of me with her stories of porcelain dolls and their creepy swivelling heads.

And yet, I’m perfectly happy with the concept of Father Christmas arriving at our place on Christmas Eve, technically Christmas morning for the pedants amongst you. And I’m shamelessly peddling the whole ‘What would Father Christmas say about that behaviour #1, 2 and even 3’.

If I don’t have the Elf on my Shelf then I need something. Anything.

And so I’m thankful that Mrs Cake Pops mentioned ‘The Hotline to Santa’. Mr Cake Pops has a Hotline to Santa. Do you?

in our household, it’s Nephew #1 who has a VIDEO Hotline to Santa. A moment of genius that sprung up when #1 and 2 were having a scuffle when we were in Newcastle and Nephew #1 had his phone out with the camera on and the record button flashing at us like Rudolph’s nose.

I want them to fully believe in Father Christmas. And I also want something that will stop, even if only momentarily, the endless scuffles and to dos that happen numerous times a day from #1, 2 and 3. So if I have to resort to threats of ‘If you continue that behaviour, I’m going to video it and sent it to Yo Ho Ho and he will hotline it to Father Christmas’.

It works. Temporarily.

I love Christmas. I love Christmas build up the most.

The beautifully decorated Christmas trees in the malls, the twinkling lights, the Christmas films, the Christmas carols, the Christmas parties and Christmas booze. The feel good factor of Christmas. The spirit of getting together and having a good time. That’s what I love the most.

I thought I might feel a bit out of sorts coming back to Singapore and having a tropical Christmas. Especially when just before leaving the UK, the Christmas markets, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and ice skating outside Somerset House and the Natural History Museum were just starting. I do miss Christmas in a cold climate but I figured we’ll have many of those in the years to come and travel to places like New York and see the massive Rockefeller Centre Christmas tree or a real winter Bavarian market in Germany. The year we spent Christmas on our own in Florence was amazing.

Christmas is what we make it. Especially when it comes to making it special for #1, 2 and 3. Who are mostly only interested in eating the sweets out of the Advent Calendar today.

This year, I only had time to make one Advent Calendar for a very special friend. You see, those organised people would have had ten sets made back in August but I was too busy Embracing Forty at the time.


I’ve got our own Advent Calendar up and I want to show you one my cousin made herself because she is one of those organised people. The Christmas Tree will be done at the weekend with twinkling lights bringing a warm glow in the evenings.

We’re currently watching Elf which is THE start to the Christmas season in our home and that of Mrs Steamer. I’ve been messaging her with details of the bits I still find funny that she knows off by heart.

I’m really excited in getting organised for Christmas. Making decorations with the children, baking gingerbread men, getting Christmas cards in the post.

And not forgetting the Christmas port and whiskey for the evenings when the Christmas hysteria gets just a little bit too much.



2 responses to “The Elves are back in town! But not in this home.

  1. timelesslady says:

    Cute post. My grandsons asked me this week if I had an “elf.” I said no…I hope that didn’t free them up to be more ornery than usual. That elf is going to be in a lot of therapy sessions one day. Blessings.


    • Thank you for taking a look at my blog! The Elf is not for me but I have friends who are being very creative with the mischief their Elves are getting up to, I’m enjoying looking at their daily photos. But the actual Elf on the Shelf is just too creepy for my liking and it will probably have more of an effect on me than my three children.


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