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Let’s celebrate! #3 is twice the age she was

on September 27, 2014

It’s just as well this event only happens once a lifetime, for I certainly wouldn’t enjoy the prospect of waking up next August to find I’m 80. Neither would Husband I daresay.

But for #3 this is what has happened.

Yesterday she was One. Today she’s Two.

And for the first time this year, one of us is celebrating a Birthday when we should and not a few weeks later.

I feel I ought to apologise to all our friends because it seems we have dominated the Party calendar this last month with three of us having Birthday celebrations. With my own going on forever but I can safely say I’m done. THAT Three Day Hangover finished me off.


I thought #3’s party would be a more sedate affair. She’s only two after all. What I forget is that #3 doesn’t have any friends of her own really and rides on the social coat tails of #1 and 2. I can hardly complain when she’s older for hanging out with an older crowd when she’s been doing that all her life so far.

But these are not friends to make up the numbers. These are real friends who genuinely have a lot of love for #3. You can see it every time they’re together. It started off with wanting to push her around in the buggy all the time. I thought it was the novelty of her as a baby being like a real life doll. But then she started walking and they still loved her being around. And now she’s talking back to them.

She in turn thinks she’s one of the gang. She wants to be doing whatever they’re doing even if she really oughtn’t to. You remember that stage of them wobbling like a Weeble and frequently falling down?

Over the last year I’ve had many comments from friends about how #3 is like their own spirited #1 or 2. They recognise the same glint in her eyes and cheeky smile. A smile that is a big proper big cheese smile. I find this comparison quite flattering. For I would rather a spirited child than one that comes across as a wet fish. Even if it means we are at loggerheads when they’re teenagers. At least I’d know they would always have the potential to tell you where to go if required.

It’s quite true that when it comes to #3, you’re definitely more laissez-faire about what they get up to.

I remember a time when #1 was allowed just half an hour of television a day. #3 can correctly be described as a TV addict. She sees us heading over to switch it on and before you know it, she’s taken up her position on the sofa all ready in the indentation that’s solely hers.

#2 wasn’t allowed any dress up shoes until she was three. She waited and waited months and coveted her Big Girl friend’s shoes all the time. Until finally it was her Birthday and she received not one but two pairs. Which #3 has been clattering around in since she was 18 months.

I try and fail to stop #3’s intake of sugar every time she sees #1 and 2 with something they definitely couldn’t have at her age. But the ensuing battle and shrill shriek she emits makes me concede defeat and we compromise on how much she can have. You should have seen her today, every time I turned around she was eating Smarties (mini), gummy bears and marshmallows. I felt sick on her behalf.

The first time she ever tasted ice cream, she let out such a satisfied ‘Mmmm’ showed there would be no going back.

The injustice of it all if only #1 and 2 knew.


She is very funny with such an easy smile. I like hanging out with her on the days it’s just us. Though of course it’s easy when she’s at the age where she doesn’t fall into a sulk when she perceives things to be unfair, or can be so amicable one second and demon child the next and she’s not so demanding for attention with constant chattering at you.

But she’s getting there. Like they all will and should. This next year will see her go from just starting to express herself to full on telling me what’s what. It’s very sweet the way she strings random words together. Less so when she can’t string together the words she wants to and the frustration builds up meaning I have to ask her every conceivable possibility until she nods.

I’m glad that at two, she still gives you a big hug and rests her head on your shoulder. I like how she lights up when she sees Mr and Mrs Cake Pops, Little Red, Mrs Imperturbable and Mrs Daiquiri. For if they didn’t love her too then she wouldn’t love them back.

She bizarrely has a mop of curly hair and some days the curl is right in the middle of her forehead. She is the brunette version of her friend who shares the same name with a different vowel and who also muscled in on our family photo. She still has all her baby proportions and I love the way she patters around here and there. Stopping sometimes to pick a morsel of rice off the bottom of her foot and eating it. She’s #3, who am I to stop her.

It’s been a full on day today with #1 playing in his first rugby tournament this morning before preparing for #3’s party this afternoon.

After #2’s Frozen themed party just four weeks ago with fake ‘snow’ that took nearly two hours to clear up, there was concern that expectations had been raised never to be met again.

But what we can often forget is that we are entertaining a group of two to six year olds. Life should be simple.


Watching kids play Pass the Parcel always cracks me up. They finally get Musical Statues. Slow and steady is what wins the Egg and Spoon race and their lack of coordination in the Three Legged Race quite possibly could have ended in a trip to A&E.

I think #3 enjoyed herself even though it was mostly her older friends who were really taking part. She was surrounded by all those who love her well and an Elmo cake. Elephants and Elmo and real dogs are her favouritest things. As well as a good dress up costume, bags, shoes and jewellery.

So that’s all Birthdays done for this year. Another year.

I’m totally partied out. But no party can end without a drink with those who help me make it fun for all. I don’t do everything myself. There’s always a contribution of food items and clearing up from Mrs Cake Pops and Mrs Imperturbable.

After the melee has calmed down it’s a pleasurable end to the day to celebrate with them with a drink and a lungful of helium never fails to entertain.

But thankfully I’m not such a lush tonight I’ll end up with another three day hangover.

Thank you all for celebrating #3’s Birthday with us. As you and I know, she’s ready to make a mark on the world with that glint in her eye and cheeky smile.

Just FIVE DAYS to go, UK people! Yee haa as #3 would say which she gets from watching Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

Happy Birthday #3. With much love from many people.



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