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The first tooth is out!

on September 15, 2014

The first tooth is out!

Not for me obviously. Though I’m sure it won’t be long before I’ll have a brand new set in a glass by the bedside table.

I don’t know why I was always slightly fascinated with my Mum’s falsies and kept asking her to show me them but she hardly ever obliged. Then one time I found some in her drawers and screamed.

My Dad, Mr Li only got his falsies a few years ago. It’s quite apparent whenever he talks on the phone without them in. It sounds like he’s having difficulty enunciating each word like when you’ve been to the Dentist and they’ve numbed your mouth up real proper.

Whilst it’s nothing new to your Dentist, there’s something quite undignified when they tell you to rinse your mouth out and you find you have no control over it and end up dribbling all the way down your chin. Becoming.

And I always thought that when you had your teeth out at the Dentist and they gave you that awful gas to knock you out, that you were out for hours! You’re not.

#1 has had a wobbly tooth for some months. Months! I think he was a bit nervous at the realisation initially. More so because of the thought of the Tooth Fairy appearing.


You see, #1 doesn’t believe in fairies. Father Christmas, Yes. Easter Bunny, sort of. Beautiful immortal being who lives on the moon with a rabbit, Yes.

But fairies? Not quite. It’s because so far fairies haven’t really done much. They haven’t brought things like gifts, chocolate and moon cake like the others.

So if he doesn’t believe in fairies then should we as Responsible Parents, be endorsing such ideas? I know some would say No, that it’s more harmful to feed a pack of untruths which will unravel in the end and far better to dole out Reality from the start. But at the moment I don’t want to.

This has nothing to do with the ‘Father Christmas and all the Elves on the Shelves are watching you’ encouragement for good behaviour that will start soon. After all, the supermarkets have got mince pies in abundance.

So as the wobbly tooth became more wobbly to the point where it was going to happen any day soon, much excitement was exhibited by myself and Husband over the impending visit from the Tooth Fairy.

‘Wow #1! When that tooth finally falls out, we can put it under your pillow and see what the Tooth Fairy brings. How exciting is that?’

This was met by unforeseen questions by #1 and 2.

‘How does she get into our room?’
By magic.

‘I don’t want her in our room! I’m scared!’
But you’re not scared of Father Christmas.

‘How big is she?’
Oh she’s very, very tiny.

‘How do you know, you said she only comes when you’re asleep.’
Everybody knows!

‘But if she’s tiny how can she carry the coins?’
She doesn’t need to carry anything remember, she brings it by magic.

‘What will she do with my tooth?’
She turns them into stars. (What exactly does she do with them? Make Gung Gung’s falsies?)

Then all of a sudden, we’re in a queue waiting to pay for a drink when #1 comes up to me and says quite solemnly, ‘Mummy, my tooth has fallen out.’

In that moment, the acceptance that children are on this constant journey of growing up hit me. The loss of those cute little milk teeth that caused such wondrous joy when they first appeared. Signalling a brand new milestone your new baby has reached.

And now they’re falling out, marking yet another milestone. Making way for a new set of Grown Up teeth they will hopefully cling on to for many years to come.

#1 doesn’t know that a small part of me felt a smidgen of sadness over what the falling out of this small tooth signifies. However it was quickly dispelled by his excited chatter about where to put the tooth and how much the Tooth Fairy would bring that night. He was so proud and wasn’t phased by it at all. #2 kept asking to have a look at the tooth, then the newly formed gap and then the tooth again.

#1 reckons the Tooth Fairy was going to bring him $S100! (£50). Erm unlikely #1. There’s a lot of teeth to follow you know.

After much discussion, it was decided that the tooth be placed in a pot on the lamp table furthest away for their beds. I totally understand his apprehension of some unknown being venturing into your room in the middle of the night, messing around under your pillow.

In the morning, #1 and #2 wasted no time in rushing over to the pot to find $S2 in his pot and the tooth gone. (Back in my day it was a whopping 10p, though that was 35 years ago). Which he was very happy with and still often talks about what he thinks he can buy with it.

At first it was all about something for himself but recently with it being #3’s birthday very soon, he’s since decided that he’s going to buy an elephant for her with it as #3 loves elephants best of all.

Best gather all the teeth you can find then #1!



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