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Embracing 40……..One week in

on August 19, 2014

So….I’m officially 40! Plus a week.

Completely, irrevocably FORTY now.


I feel like I have fully embraced the whole turning 40 thing and I still have an official Fancy Dress Finale to look forward to in a couple of weeks too!

I had a really, REALLY great time! A few weeks ago I didn’t have any set plan as to how I was going to celebrate but Husband and lovely friends have ensured that it was fabulous. I’m so touched by all my celebrations and what has made it extra special is the company that you get to share it with. Part of me thought that perhaps I ought to be celebrating this milestone Birthday with those who have been there for my 20th and 30th Birthdays and I will do, later on this year when I’m back in the UK. But then wasn’t the whole point of writing this blog to reconcile the past with the present? And so Embracing 40 with all my friends and family in Singapore has been absolutely amazing and given me some wonderful memories.

Besides it would be just rude to forgo celebrating as fully as you can when I’ve been building up to it for a whole year! I felt blessedly inundated with Birthday wishes that were sent in person, by text, by telephone and by mail.

The gifts I received were carefully thought through and had me overwhelmed at times. They are gifts that reflect our history together and will remain with me for the rest of my days. Lil Sis can’t believe that I kept her present for me unopened for two and a half months. I can’t either as I’m notorious for giving things a good shake and guessing what’s inside. I guess that’s what makes me Forty……..Some of the best gifts weren’t even gifts for me but to be told some really happy, good news.


My good friend Pancakes For Dinner asked last Wednesday night whilst we were sipping ice cold champagne on a roof top bar (Yes, I did have to get that in!), why was turning Forty such a big celebration. For her, turning Thirty was the big one. (I actually think when I turn all the big numbers it will be a Big Celebration.)

So why is it indeed?

Well firstly, it feels like a long time since you had something that was All About You. That may sound egotistical to many but it’s true. It’s not like I’m saying I behave in a way that everyone else comes first at all times but as a general rule one does naturally, instinctively put family first. All other Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day has sort of been about you but also about being together as a family.

But for Embracing 40, it was ALL ABOUT ME! Well, 80% me. This included the part where I get to sleep in on my first day of being Forty until 8.45am in a gorgeous terrace suite at the beautiful Raffles Hotel and then enjoy a leisurely breakfast with Husband. The part where I get to go out at 7pm to drink champagne and not feel guilty about missing bedtime. The part where I get to dress up and go out for lunch and the part where I get to open presents all by myself!

By the way, notice anything familiar with the balloon below? Yep, it’s exactly the same balloon I got Mrs Imperturbable when she Embraced 40 with her first Birthday party ever! As my lovely friend Mrs So Bold says, ‘What goes around comes around!’


Because when your world is filled with responsibility, it’s good to treat yourself well and look after yourself. It’s important for #1, 2 and 3 to see you enjoy yourself and live a life beyond them as well. However, of course a celebration isn’t a celebration without #1, 2 and 3 in tow and for them to feel special too. So on the afternoon of my 40th Birthday we went up to the Skytower of Marina Bay Sands (the hotel with the boat on top) and had a celebratory drink up there where #1 got to drink out of a real proper glass, not plastic, (aim high #1), whilst overlooking the hotel guests in the infinity pool. That must be a bit intrusive for them though and also I’m not sure I’d be happy with the general public just sort of staring at you for entertainment when you’ve paid almost a thousand dollars for the privilege.


It’s funny how we view Forty. That it’s like some sort of hurdle to endure and get over. There’s still a lot of mixed feelings out there about this milestone Birthday for those who have passed it and for those for whom it has yet to come.

Unlike Thirty, Fifty, Sixty and even Eighty, Forty is accompanied by a very loud, hard sounding capital F. I think this is designed with the purpose to make you feel a whole lot better when you come to the much softer sounding Fifty. Anyways, why wish away the years so soon.

All I’d like to say is that Forty is still young. Although sometimes we may not feel it, just think it. I’ve had sound advice from people MUCH MUCH older and in the know, that they still feel no different to how they did at 18. How your body creaks is one thing, how you feel inside is another which projects a whole different persona.

I think one great thing about Embracing 40 is knowing that whilst there are responsibilities to uphold, people to take care of, ultimately you haven’t forgotten the person you once were. There is so much to enjoy, to achieve and to do. Still so much more information to know, places to go and people to meet to add to all the stuff you’ve already accumulated.

So here’s to Beyond Forty. I can feel wisdom flowing through me already. So much so, that I realised that I don’t have to set up a whole new blog thing and just needed to change a few details on the one I’ve been writing in. I probably have the most unsophisticated blog out there but I’m looking forward to keeping this up. I’m really enjoying it.

Thank you once again for all your lovely well wishes and thoughtful gifts. If you didn’t already know, but I’m sure most of you do, then you’ll definitely know just how much you have all around you and a few steps away, when you come to Embrace 40.

Mr Cupping sent me a book, ‘Older but not wiser’ that cracks me up no end. I’ll share some pages as we go along but this one is always so apt, don’t you think?



One response to “Embracing 40……..One week in

  1. dadbloguk says:

    Belated birthday wishes. For what it’s worth, Mrs Adams popped out our youngest at 42.


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