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In the News today

on July 20, 2014

On any given day when you scan the News headlines there is always going to be coverage of severe atrocities happening around the world. It makes for depressing but important reading. In many ways, wouldn’t it be better to live in ignorance of the world around us.

Often where these events are occurring are a world away from our own daily lives. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that some of these events are actually taking place at all.

Of course I’m aware that a part of what we are alerted to in the News is controlled by the media and that some News channels have a certain way of reporting that differs to others. Nonetheless, scan through several online News channels and you’ll find the same stories covered from different angles.

Perhaps it’s because I’m only reading the News online these days that means I’m only picking up the main, most shocking and sad headlines. Last week alone the coverage that shocked and saddened me the most was the loss of life in the Israeli-Gaza conflict, the six year old girl who was raped in India and the tragic crash of flight MH17.

I don’t want to talk about these events per se but just our general awareness and responsibility to take notice of what’s happening around us changes as we get older. Whether it’s about home or international affairs, just because it doesn’t affect us imminently doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still be concerned. Same goes for politics.

Although I allow myself to get annoyed by some of the daily minutiae that happens in my day to day existence, and I believe we all should just so we can let it go and move on, I’m also much more aware of how and where I express this annoyance. To Husband and one or two close friends is fine because they’re probably not listening anyways. But again the danger of social media is that you can inadvertently tap out a tweet or status update and there it sticks.

There’s some discussion that the digital footprint left by teenagers ought to be deleted so that it doesn’t impact on their later years on the premise that they don’t really know what they’re saying. Even as I write this blog, I’m aware of every word I type and the impact on those I refer to. And the fact that I’m not telling you everything because this blog isn’t just about me and you don’t need to know everything but as far as what I’ve said, it’s what I’m willing to share that doesn’t compromise anyone important to me. If anything, it’s about wanting to say the good stuff about the people who are important to me. Besides, I write this with the intention of keeping it to perhaps refer to again in another ten years time. Maybes, #1, 2 and 3 will read it too at some point.

As I was saying, the News headlines this week left me feeling a lot empty at some of the sad state of affairs in the world. It left me feeling even a bit guilty too. Of the fact that I have a privileged life and what am I doing with it. What impact am I making to change things for the better? What difference could I possibly make?

When I was in gainful employment and working in the voluntary sector with the many different organisations supporting and campaigning for the many different causes that need our attention, the answer is that everyone can make a difference. Either with a big statement or quietly behind the scenes.

Sometimes though, extreme events you read about do impact on people you know as much as you wish it wouldn’t. So in response to all the terrible things that happen all around the world, I may not be able to change much of that but I can appreciate what I have today and if I can offer comfort in any way to those that need it, then that’s the very least I can do.



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