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Home is where that post holiday cuppa tea is

on June 30, 2014

If there’s one thing to savour and look forward to after a holiday away, it’s that first cuppa tea at home.

It’s wonderful being away on holiday. All the delicious new foods to try out. Beer and wine any time of day without feeling guilty. Ice cream and cake too, though that’s not strictly reserved for holiday time.

But the one thing that kick starts my day every day is that first cuppa tea to wet your whistle as Husband says.

Tea with milk in a mug. Brewed to a caramel colour. Not too strong so that it leaves a bitter stewed aftertaste and not weak like dish water in appearance either.

Real semi skimmed fresh milk as well. Not your UHT crap milk, or even worse, evaporated milk. Or even worse than that, condensed milk! Why would you even do that south east Asia?

Sometimes I imagine owning a mish mash of vintage tea cups and saucers and several tea pots too with all the trimmings. But only because I’m taken by the whole vintage tea party look.

Several sips of tea from a delicate porcelain cup and saucer doesn’t cut it. You spend more time refilling your cup and there’s not much satisfaction gained from sipping tea.

Comfort comes in a mug of tea. One that is filled slightly less than a centimetre from the rim. Three quarter full mugs of tea make me feel uncomfortable.

I’m partial to a herbal tea but not a fruit one. I don’t see the point in an orange and coconut tea, they may smell fragrant but they taste like socks boiled in water and leave a funny feeling on your teeth.

Green tea is delicious and a roasted green tea is even tastier but always choose organic. Same goes for white tea. White tea comes from the same plant as green tea but is picked at a much younger stage and only during a small window of time in spring making it quite rare and more expensive. Fact from tour around tea plantation, Sri Lanka October 2007.

But that first cuppa tea to kick start my day is just a regular Tetley’s, sometimes a Yorkshire tea. So to go without this for two weeks has me longing for one when we’re packing up to come home. By this stage of the holiday, out of desperation anything resembling tea will do.

Until you get home, shower the journey away and sit down with a nice cuppa tea. It feels good to be home.

Biscuits to the side even better. Or toast.


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