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We’re all going on a summer holiday

on June 13, 2014

We’re at Changi International Airport. Slightly sweaty, at risk of smelling before we arrive in Tokyo, frazzled but ready for boarding at the gate ahead of time.

Some small miracle considering the circus of transporting all five of us and two large suitcases plus miscellaneous items of hand luggage that I think we may need for a seven hour flight. There is no way we’re ever going to get a free upgrade ever as we arrive as a rabble at check in.

There’s something about travelling with small people that induces a mild sense of panic in not being able to bring with you everything that you have at home.

I have more changes of clothing for them than number of days we’re away. With garments spanning the four seasons because a check of the weather says the temperature in Tokyo ranges from 17 to 29 degrees. I have a small medicine bag for them and us. I’ve packed snacks and toys but it just doesn’t feel quite enough to stem the flow of ‘boredom’ that can erupt at any time.

Long gone are the days of leisurely strolls through Duty Free or even a pre flight drink. These days I just want to get to wherever we’re going by teleportation.

To avoid lugging the buggy with us we decided to let #3 run free which is exactly what she did. As we tried to grapple rucksacks, cabin case and #1 and 2 by the hand with #3 fighting to get down onto the travellator. Husband and I looked at each other and wondered when the holiday relaxation is going to start.

You can tell #1 and 2 are not used to cold weather. The mere act of wearing long sleeves and long trousers for the flight is causing excitement enough and they are bellowing through the airport that they are cold and need to wear all their jackets at once.


As Mrs 192 aptly puts it, travelling is a ball for #1, 2 and 3 but for us it’s to be expected that it will be a bloody nightmare!

Here’s hoping not. We’re about to board now. They’re cruelly leading us through Business Class first to rub it in. I can see many a look of relief as we don’t stop to sit down.

I’ve a few more minutes before we take off as there’s a delay. #1 has the window seat, the space I once would occupy by choice. Both are settled ready for their meal, choosing the films they want to watch and shouting out loudly to no one in particular that ‘We are ready to go!’. ‘Why aren’t we moving?’ ‘When are we going to be up in the air?’ #3 is desperate for a nap and rotating in circles in the galley.

It’s only a seven hour flight. It’s only a seven hour flight.


Soon. Soon everyone will be comfortably occupied and I can sit back and relax…Yes indeed. So how many films will I get to watch do you think?

Despite the mayhem it takes to get started, we’re really excited about our first two week holiday and to be going to Japan!


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