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Embracing 40……..With a 48 hour hangover

on May 18, 2014

When did 48 hour hangovers become acceptable? Well they’re obviously not acceptable but that seems to be the standard state of play these days after a night out.

Practically lesson enough to make one stop indulging in boozy nights altogether. Though some might optimistically say the only way to combat the 48 hour hangover is to get more practice in. Others will shake their head in a knowing manner and pitying look that says ‘Yield to your ageing body and the fact it’s not going to rebound within hours like it once did’. Not the help of a post party bacon crisp buttie (possibly the brown bread combatted any healing powers) or proper chip shop fish and chips aided the recovery process.

Well at least I wasn’t alone with this feeling. If I’m going to be down for the day (or two) then best take someone along with me. Who else but the person responsible with her too kind hospitality.

Mrs Cake Pops embraced 40, nay, bear hugged 40 at the weekend with an elegant and sophisticated party at L’Aiglon Bar. (I actually thought her birthday was last November and wouldn’t believe it wasn’t until she showed me her ID card. So when I asked her back then how she was going to celebrate, it was little wonder she gave me a funny look and said she hadn’t thought about it yet which I thought was very strange for someone so organised. ‘But your birthday is next month’. ‘No, it’s not’. ‘Yes, it is’. Why would you even argue with someone over when their birthday is?) Huge bundles of silver, black and purple balloons festooned the corners of the courtyard and handmade two feet tall flower arrangements in matching colours marked out the drinks table.

I’ve come to expect nothing less from the creative abilities of Mrs Cake Pops after noticing her talents at school celebrations. First there was the cake shaped like a dragon for the class Fairy Tale party. Followed by last year’s very realistic snake cake which actually scared a number of small children. Suffice to say, I am the Mum who sent #1 empty handed into school for his first Chinese New Year party. Oh the shame. I feel like I’ve been making up for it ever since.

Quite easily you’d think she was that School Mum who breezes in with fabulous edible creations that she’s just knocked up in an afternoon and makes you want to hide your mini sausages contribution at the back. But in the short space of time that I’ve known her, I’ve seen that it’s hard work, careful thought and dedication that makes this self taught baker worthy of all the praise the results receive.

The best character trait of Mrs Cake Pops is that she will tell you, ‘You can do it too’. She will even print off the necessary tinternet pages for your perusal. Articulate a thought and she’s off suggesting ideas and ways to make it happen. She’s not taking over your project, neither is she claiming it as her own but she’s supporting you to make it happen. Empowering other people with a persuasive tone that everything is quite possible. And if it isn’t then no harm done. Let’s move on.

This is rather refreshing to come across. The world needs more women like Mrs Cake Pops. Women who help other women accompanied with a big smile on their face and a good listening ear. Way back in September when I was lamenting the loss of being in gainful employment, I mentioned I’d just met someone who would be just the right person to give you that boost back into gainful employment. This is she. It helps that she knows her way around recruitment but you can see that she has a genuine interest in helping you.

I was quite short sighted in thinking that before the start of this Singapore Adventure I had made all the friends that I would ever need. That may have been true for my life up to that point. But the ebb and flow of life is constantly changing and our needs and interests change too. To close yourself off to new friendships would deny yourself many opportunities for unforeseen good times ahead and enrich yourself with new people that you can learn so much from and feel inspired by.

Sometimes I may just feel inspired by Mrs Cake Pops from a sitting down position and content myself with watching her busy herself with her neverending To Do List whilst I sip coffee and eat biscuits. At times though I may feel the need to seek inspiration to get on with my own To Do List and I’ll know where to get it from.

So as I’ve mentioned before, Mrs Cake Pops bear hugged 40 this week. Celebrations have been ongoing for some time and it says a lot about a person that their friends will organise a surprise gathering for them when they’re only in the UK for a short while. What a lovely bunch of people. Of course I’m not surprised, I’ve only known her a short time and I find she’s ok.

When she mentioned just before her party that the colour scheme was silver, black and purple and that purple is the colour of crazy and what message would that be giving out?

Well, she’s wrong. Purple is not the colour of crazy. Purple is the colour of sensitivity and compassion, of understanding and support, of quiet tranquility and dignity, of charisma and energy. I think many people will recognise those qualities in her.

So Mrs Cake Pops, I wish you a very Happy 40th Birthday. Embrace it, bear hug it, wipe the floor clean with it. What makes 40 think you would do anything but that?



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