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When skies are grey

on May 5, 2014

There’s a heaviness in my heart today. I hope it’s ok to say as much. But I know it’s not as heavy as some close to me.

I was going to write about something else for this post but I just don’t feel like it right now.

At first I was going to wait until I felt less heavy of heart before writing again. Then I changed my mind. In everyone’s life there are days when skies are grey and not to acknowledge that seems sort of false to me. You can’t possibly be cheery and upbeat all the time.

I think it’s much more honest to say you’re having a sad or tough day and I don’t think it’s a burden when I hear it from others. I just wish there was more I could do to help.

It’s that feeling of helplessness to ease someone else’s sorrow greater than your own which digs an empty pit inside of you. I’m sad but I know they feel it more and how many times does the person more sad try and make you feel better about it all.

Today I guess I just want to say that whilst I go about my daily business, I’m thinking of you. Such words seem so inadequate when I’ve said them out loud but I hope the thought gives you some comfort and strength.

I’m thinking of you. For those who need it today.


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