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2013 Year End Review

on December 30, 2013

It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow. Just in case you didn’t know. Sometimes the days get very jumbled up during the festive season and you can end up feeling a tad confused.

There was a time when the emphasis of New Year’s Eve would be to ‘have the most spectacular night out ever’. There can be a lot of pressure (and expense) involved in a New Year’s Eve celebration. Whilst Christmas is a time for family, New Year’s Eve seems definitely a time for friends. That might have something to do with the amount of alcohol usually involved and the need to shake one’s moves with wanton abandon.

Suffice to say a New Year’s Eve celebration involved a night of inebriation at some public house/club/private property with a combination of friends in a group of two to twenty two. I’ve had as much fun in the company of one friend (Elbear) to a big crowd of us dressed in James Bond themed attire to a mid crowd of us as Super Heroes and Villains.

Of course all this was a time Before Children. I’m in no way suggesting that those times shouldn’t continue or be had again but for Husband and I, the last few years has been a far less raucous affair. I’ve either been preggers or there’s been a brand new baby on the block that doesn’t quite make you want to shake one’s moves with wanton abandon.

I’ve since figured that the inevitable embarrassment we will cause our children when we get down and groove in their presence stems from lack of practice rather than an actual inability to shake one’s moves with any real rhythm. Unless of course you are Uncle Monkey, who is perhaps the only person I know who clicks his fingers with both hands high up in the air whilst shimmying his hips from side to side with his shirt unbuttoned to the navel (if on his person at all), as part of his hot dance repertoire. Occasionally an animalistic growl escapes from him to show he’s really in the zone.

The last few New Year’s Eve have been a more sedate dinner together or with a couple of friends affair. Still celebrated but almost a gamble whether we’ll still be up at midnight and in party mood or whether I’ll be in bed ready to say Happy New Year but then fall fast asleep!

One thing that has changed is my outlook on Time. Sadly for most of you not my actual ability to manage time but that is definitely on my Resolutions 2014 list. What I mean is spending some of today and tomorrow reflecting on the past year.

Husband and I started this year in a semi sleep deprived state that comes with having a new baby. As we adapted to becoming a family of five there was much to learn about how we were going to balance all aspects of our lives. We haven’t figured it all out yet but it involves getting more sleep and making time for ourselves as well as for each other. (These resolutions are building up fast!).

Sometimes my days pass by in a blur of activity and yet ask me about what I’ve done and nothing seems of note. Weeks can merge into months and furthermore, living in a country with no defined seasons it can be hard to recall what happened when. As I think of how much #1, 2 and 3 have grown this year, I’m filled with pride (like any parent) at what they have achieved. Sometimes I don’t stop to think about it enough because sometimes I’m just too tired from sorting out the day to day stuff which sometimes involves a lot of diffusing disputes between #1 and 2 and now 3.

So I don’t want to race to the next year without giving this year due thought and the consideration it deserves. I feel it important to reflect on events that have happened, are still happening. The good as well as the not so good. Otherwise how else can you really hope for the New Year to bring better things to those around you if you don’t already know what you have?

Whether tomorrow underlines the end of a year you’re happy to see the back of, I hope there are also plenty of happy memories to savour. A new one is on the horizon and so celebrate and make merry in any way you like.

These photos are from the Millennium New Year’s Eve.



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