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The Elves are off the shelves!

on December 24, 2013

It’s Christmas Eve! That magical day of relief and chaos. Relief because there’s no more pre-Christmas planning to be had and chaos because you’ve left the planning right down to the wire. Of course that could be just me.

Some of you have welcomed the Elves into your homes and hearts and they certainly have made themselves at home. I’m still not sure about them to be honest. Agalla Snowflake who resided with Mrs Cake Pops freaked me out a couple of times but apparently worked wonders with #1 eating his tea nicely.


With small children there’s an extra frenzy of activity that goes into Christmas Eve. The Christmas baking for Father Christmas/Santa of gingerbread men and almond tarts. I wasn’t sure they’d get done but at the last minute I managed to squeeze them in. Eight carrots for the reindeer as prescribed by #1. Are there eight? I never know. Certainly couldn’t tell you their names. Then there’s the whiskey and milk for Father Christmas/Santa. Not sure what my Dad Mr Li would say to that mix up but quite possibly that it will give him the shits, I hope it doesn’t hinder the rest of the night’s deliveries! A dictated note for Father Christmas/Santa giving thanks and explaining who gets to eat what. In an effort to give a balance to all the receiving, #1 and 2 were given some sweets which they handed out to all the other excited children in the condo.

I love the simplicity and the certainty for #1 and 2. I can’t wait to see their faces tomorrow morning, I really hope it’s a day they enjoy themselves. Already they’ve been promised gingerbread men for breakfast and #1 has fulfilled a lifelong ambition of eating squirty cream squirted right into his mouth. Aim high son.


Why is it only Christmas dinner that we must have certain food items? This morning #1 and I battled a shopping trolley in our main supermarket, filling it with delights such as Brussels sprouts and chestnuts. I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with them tomorrow! Plenty of cloves for bread sauce. You do know what bread sauce is don’t you? Lots of sausages for pigs in blankets and stuffing. We’re also having chocolate meringue nests and raspberries. Never done meringue before but they look ok. Then cheese and crackers.

Every year, it starts off promising with a gourmet selection of treats but with only two grown ups in the household, we’ll still be getting through much of it towards New Year’s Eve. Oh and I managed to downsize the Boxing Day ham to 2.9kg. Same weight as #1 when he arrived. Oh no! I forgot the oversized box, undersized pannetone!


So I think #1 and 2 are firmly asleep now. #1 said he hoped to have Christmas dreams. I really hope he does. There’s just a few more jobs to do before Father Christmas/Santa puts in an appearance tonight. There’s gingerbread men, almond tarts and carrots to eat and washed down with whiskey, milk and an extra Christmas port!

I was feeling rather smug to not be frantically wrapping up presents at this hour. That is until we opened up the box from Uncle Monkey, the children’s godfather. THEY ARE NOT WRAPPED UP! All he can offer is a 😉.


So I’m off to do some midnight wrapping before going off to bed and waiting to hear the excited yells from the children at a reasonable hour I hope!

I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas, may it be filled with love and laughter and celebrated with joy and warmth with those who matter most to you.



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