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We’re ready for the landing of Nana Moon

on December 7, 2013

We are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Nana Moon today! In just a few hours she’ll be landing upon these tropical shores. Though this week it’s been practically wintry with temperatures dropping below 25 and a lot of rain but just as quickly it changes back to 30 degrees and blue-ish skies today.

It’s been three years since Nana Moon was last in Singapore. This is her third visit in our five years here and each time she comes, there’s an additional family member to meet. We haven’t had any visitors since Grandma and Grandpa came to stay last year. Anything to do with the three kids you think? Hardly a holiday between the hours of 7am to 8pm with the whirlwind of activity that surrounds them I know.

#1 and 2 are super excited about another trip to Changi Airport. We’re going to set off early so they can have some fun looking at the decorations, the shops, the playground and huge slide and not forgetting the big Spongebob Squarepants Christmas pineapple. Yes, all this really is at the airport. You could spend a whole afternoon there and do your weekly big shop at the supermarket too.

I’m of course super excited too! I haven’t seen Nana Moon in two years and it’s just what I need in lieu of making a trip back to the UK ourselves. Unlike emigrating to another country where there is some semblance of permanency and laying down of roots. This transient expat lifestyle in Singapore can leave you rather groundless at times so I’m looking forward to seeing a familiar face.

It’s the start of Nana Moon’s month long holiday. She’ll be heading off to New Zealand after this stopover. We’ve been waiting for her arrival before fully immersing ourselves in the Christmas festivities. There’s the snow show and avalanche at Tanglin Mall I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, the beautiful Christmas lights, the Harbin ice show too. Then there’s a few new things that have opened up like the Singapore River Safari and Gardens by the Bay since her last visit. There’s a lot to pack in.

Most of all I’m looking forward to #1, 2 and 3 getting to know her better. She is after all a Godmother to them and I’ve reserved for her the important task of explaining the arrival of baby Jesus to the Virgin Mary and Joseph in a stable. Plus what exactly are Elves and whether they are little children and where do they come from. Plus the decorating of the Christmas tree. Such responsibility for Nana Moon.


This will be the first time she’ll have seen me in action as slightly unhinged Mum of three. I wonder what she’ll make of that as I try and maintain order amongst the chaos. Will I worry when #1 flies off into a rage because I’m not allowing him more sweets/chocolate/cake? Or when #2 screams and yells because #1 has called her a smelly, custard, bum bum head? Or when #3 takes one look at Nana Moon and tries to clamber up high to safety and looking petrified.

Of course I’m hoping the children will behave impeccably and we’ll have days of harmonious outings full of ‘aint that just swell’ memories. Of course I don’t want to give the impression the children are difficult, unruly, out of control terrors. But sometimes they are and that’s just the way of things for small people. Most of the time they are funny, engaging, eager to please small people and soon they will have someone very important they will want to impress.

#1 is already wearing his Millenium Falcon t shirt because I said Nana Moon likes Star Wars. #2 has chosen her best pink Hello Kitty t shirt and tutu skirt. #3 will be in bed by the time she arrives so the petrified scream can wait until tomorrow.

I rather think though that she’ll take it all in her stride. She has that certain tone of no nonsense too that can freeze them in their tracks and indulge them in their sense of humour. Yes we’ll definitely be ok. Unless that is, #1 beats Nana Moon in that game of Frustration or Connect 4 and then it’ll be, ‘Come on Nana Moon, off the floor, you can always play again and maybe next time you might win. There you go, shake hands with #1 in a good sporting fashion.’

The other reason why I’m doubly excited about Nana Moon’s arrival is because she and I are off on a little sojourn to Hanoi, Vietnam next week! We’ve both never been there before and so I’m terribly excited at the prospect of a new stamp in the passport and a chance to catch up properly with Nana Moon.

In the words of Big Brother’s Davina McCall, we’re coming to get you Nana Moon!

And……Nana Moon has landed!



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