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Three months in, another nine to go

on November 13, 2013

I just realised it was the 12th November yesterday. I’m three months into my year to forty already. Nine months to go. Still feeling ok about it because I’ve decided the real thing to fear is turning fifty.

I’m obviously curious about how I will look when I’m about to hit fifty because when I turn 40 I ought to look quite similar to how I look today. Unless of course the ageing process accelerates rapidly over the next nine months which sometimes feels like it will when faced with the logic and demands of a 3 and 4 year old.

You know what I realised the other day? My error as the parent is taking everything they say literally and I know I shouldn’t. For example, #1 will ask for ice cream after eating his tea and when the offer is refused because he’s had a truck load of sugar related products already with no vegetable content, he then declares ‘Today has been a terrible day’. Then with my grown up head on I then start listing all the reasons why in his book today has not been a terrible day at all which is met by a blank stare and another request for ice cream. Followed quickly by #2 asking for ice cream and I imagine very soon followed by #3. Why are small children never satisfied for long?

#1 is ruled by the contents of his stomach. A good or bad day is measured by what he’s had to eat that day. Ice cream, chocolate, sweets – good day. Vegetables, gruel, boiled eggs – bad day. During the weaning process Annabel Karmel said a wide and varied diet involving lots of colourful vegetable and food groups would mean you’d have an inquisitive, adventurous mini Master Chef in the making. She lied. At some point all identifiable vegetables gradually disappeared off #1’s plate and we resorted to her ‘hidden vegetables pasta sauce’ on a regular basis. Only in the last few months has carrots looking like carrots been reintroduced. I thought it was just the age of #1 until I saw his friend Mini Cake Pops eating, nay, shovelling down carrots, broccoli and raw celery at an alarming rate. I mention this because the need to infiltrate the diet of #1 and 2 with the required vegetable quota is one of the things that I find ageing.

So anyways, fifty. If I dare to think turning 40 is hard work then turning fifty with a 12, 14 and 15 year old will be a walk in the park? Plus the menopause is going to be looming soon after and I’ve heard quite frequently on Women’s Hour that this is not a fun time at all. So no, I’m firmly not going to be worrying about turning forty at all. Turning sixty on the other hand is another matter entirely. Finally I’ll be old enough to actually be legitimately ‘out of touch’ and what a relief that will be. No longer will I have to try and work out why no one is mocking some singer called Justin Beaver (is it just my immaturity?) to realise it’s Justin Bieber (oh, now I see why). Or wonder at the significance of #turningforty in a Twitter post. Or having nothing to contribute to TOWIE or Jersey Shore or MIC conversations.

Three months into this blog and I’m rather enjoying myself. I wondered what I would talk about but have found that I have plenty to say. Nothing new I imagine you’ll be thinking. It’s been good for me to talk with you in this way. It’s like I’m sitting down with you and having a conversation. A rather one sided one admittedly but then Husband says that’s also nothing new. I’ve enjoyed writing too. Most importantly I’ve enjoyed hearing from you too. I don’t know exactly who is having a read but I know some of you have written comments and shown a ‘like’ and it’s good to know you’re there.

I always said this blog isn’t just about me and writing about some of you already has brought back some great memories. This blog allows me to say things to you I may never have had the chance to say otherwise and that would have been a shame. I’d like to ask you to share your thoughts on my blog if you will. Add a comment that will make me smile as I continue my year to forty.



8 responses to “Three months in, another nine to go

  1. workingmammy says:

    I like the “writing” part of blogging too – a lost art I feel. xx


  2. Louise B says:

    The bit about food is too, too familiar. Henry is, and always has been, terrible. Neither of them eat fruit and only certain veg is consumed. Like you, I find it one of my least favourite and most challenging aspects of parenting. It drains me. I followed all the bloody Karmel advice too and agree, it makes no difference at all! I still resort to liquidising and hiding veg in sauces. Henry is 6 next year so this is faintly ridiculous but if I didn’t he would live on sandwiches and Cheerios. Matilda eats better than Henry so I am clearly improving. Maybe Theo will be one of those amazing kids happy to chew on raw celery! X


    • I often wonder why I get stressed about the eating vegetables thing. I can only do the ‘hidden vegetable’ pasta sauce thing because they don’t even like soup and surely that’s almost the same thing? All like fruit but they would choose raspberries and strawberries as their favourite but at $10 (£5) a small pack it’s not an everyday snack. Their capacity to eat cake is amazing and I held off giving #3 the good stuff until she turned 1. All in all I’m glad I’m not alone but when yours start on crudités and hummous then keep that achievement to yourself.


  3. John Adams says:

    My wife is older than 40 and I still liquidise her vegetables.

    That, by the way, is not a euphemism.


  4. Lorraine says:

    Aoife and Niamh call him Jackson Bieber!


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