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Happy 39th Birthday to me!

on August 12, 2013

My 39th Birthday is drawing to a close and I’m all partied out! Of course Birthdays these days are far different to what they once were but I believe a Birthday should be celebrated with gusto no matter what your number and never should be treated as ‘just another day’.

So how have I spent today? A long leisurely lie in, breakfast in bed, carelessly getting ready for a day of boozy lunching and lounging around. Hang on, which Birthday is this? Birthdays before the arrival of the kids perhaps. There are three young people in the house, my Birthday is no longer my own. They rushed in this morning brandishing their cards and whooping ‘Happy Birthday Mummy!’ before immediately asking if they could open them. The same goes for presents and the blowing out of candles on the cake too. As I watched them rip open the wrapping, it really didn’t matter what was inside but just the act of unwrapping something excited them enough. Long may it last.

I can’t remember all my Birthdays and how they were celebrated but I think my earliest memory must have been when I was 4 or even 5. My Dad, Mr Li, gave a £5 note to our Jenn to take me to the local toy shop to buy anything I wanted. The toy shop wasn’t big and I think these days it’s a newsagents but I remember walking out of the shop with a box of Lego and a big plastic shopping basket. Now how much would £5 convert to in real money these days and what would I spend it on? There’s just too much choice everywhere you turn and new things appear daily, it would actually be very difficult to make one choice because no sooner done then something new comes along.

After dropping off #1 at school, #2, 3 and I went over to our lovely friend Lee’s house for a catch up playdate and the lovely Lee had gone to the trouble of putting together a Birthday Party for me. What a surprise! Now I know why the kids gets so excited! There was Dora the Explorer table cloth, paper napkins and plates and the party food comprised of cupcakes, sweets, biscuits sushi (sophisticated) and sausage rolls (traditional), all washed down with a mug of tea. It was great! #2 loved it and probably sees it as a dress rehearsal for her own Birthday next week! There was more cake when Husband came home from work and some soulful renditions of ‘Happy Birthday’ and many many rounds of blowing out of candles by them not me.

So although it was my Birthday, I felt it was ‘our’ day and it was fun to see the kids get excited about it but I did save a couple of presents to open myself after all three had gone to bed. The thrill of unwrapping a well wrapped present to discover what lies inside never grows old, even if we do.



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