The here and now and a bit of way back then

I relived my journey to 40 and found there's so much more to say

Birthday Eve

on August 11, 2013

Tomorrow is my 39th Birthday. My last year of being a 30 something, which means this time next year my Life Is About To Begin!

We all know that phrase, Life Begins at 40 but I have never given it much thought. Why would I when I was nowhere near it! Today is different though when in one year and one days time that will apply to me. Yet I find myself objecting to the whole idea because what about all the years I have done so far? Surely they account for something and so lately I have been thinking about it all and after much deliberation in my own head, I thought I would very much like to delve into my own memory archives and see what memories I can find from yesteryear. I may as well meet 40 with open arms because I know some friends (including Husband) will be counting down with me as I did with them, rather supportively I thought.

I guess you could say I feel like taking a year long trip down memory lane so I can say to 40, ‘Look here what came before you’. I also feel like writing something more than the odd email, letter and Facebook status update. One of the pitfalls of not having worked in almost 5 years is that I miss writing and I am also becoming less creative in coming up with alternatives to the word ‘No’ as the Universal Parenting Guide says we should avoid saying a direct ‘No’ to our children and use many more words instead to convey the same meaning.

I also should point out that I am not very tech savvy these days. I hope at some stage I can jazz up this blog with some colours and photos and creative stuff as a diversion to make it look more interesting. Mostly though, I hope I can keep up writing these posts.


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